Fireside Stitchery eBay

Expertly consigned needlepoint and cross-stitch pieces from Fireside Stitchery eBay store. New listings are posted every Friday. Bids may be placed at any time when an item is available for auction. Visit the eBay storefront and become the high bidder on some lovely items.


Selling with us

Looking to downsize your stash?

Interests change over time, and you may no longer love your stash items as much as you once did. Give someone the chance to love your items again by selling them through our Fireside Stitchery eBay storefront. Fireside will post your items on eBay using the auction format. Bids start at $0.99.

Review our contract and guidelines for more details before submitting items to be sold.

Current turn-around for consignment is approximately 11 months.

"Long-time, repeat buyer. Professional, 5-star seller. Highly recommend"